Magnus Mobility Talks Hi-Temp Bakery Wheel and Caster

Customary wheels don’t work in hey temp bread kitchens. Bread shops move trucks into broilers. Conventional hello there temp phenolic wheels make due around 350-400°F irregular temperatures (30 mins in/30 mins chill). The customary wheels are hard and uproarious when moving on the bread kitchen floors. The wheels run specifically on the caster pivot without grease; they squeak when in higher temperatures.

An ergonomically well disposed workplace requires commotion lessening. RTH wheels are an extraordinary exclusive high temperature aviation elastic aggravate that pads the stacked racks from vibration, lessen floor clamor, and can be outfitted with unique commotion taking out orientation. The RTH haggles stainless steel casters accessible from Magnus Mobility are FDA/USDA affirmed for contact with sustenance fixings and are forever greased up with FDA endorsed, non-harmful oils.

The RTH wheel has no scent when utilized as a part of pastry shop hello there temp nourishment preparing applications; customary pad tread wheels as a rule emanate a plastic or elastic foul notice when warmed.

A main Italian maker built up an exceptional material and process initially produced for the avionic business and adjusted it to extraordinary reason wheels. The applications have ventured into stainless steel casters and other composite wheel materials concentrated on the nourishment handling industry.

Solidified sustenances producers discover profits by the RTH wheel on the grounds that solidified nourishments are in part arranged. That implies they are frequently cooked or heated to some degree, then glimmer solidified for bundling. The RTH wheel can withstand, and is ensured inside its working reach, immense natural temperature swings rapidly. Customary casters and wheels more often than not bomb generally rapidly in this circumstance.