Sigep: the Exhibition of the Artisan Production of Gelato

With its long and great history, Sigep does not should be displayed. Understood everywhere throughout the world, not just in Italy, as one of the unmissable occasions the extent that the segment of providing food is concerned, the Rimini reasonable is preparing to praise its 32nd year. A benchmark particularly to the extent artisan gelato is worried (in this field it is considered as the most imperative reasonable on the planet), after a seemingly endless amount of time Sigep is turning into an undeniably vital exhibit likewise for bread kitchen. Gelato, bread and Pizza, everyone knows, are run of the mill Italian items, and it is not unplanned that a standout amongst the most critical occasions in these fields happens in Italy.

There are constantly numerous exhibitors in the reasonable, and various distinctive parts are spoken to, from the undertakings spent significant time in furniture to those delivering espresso, from the ones creating fixings to be utilized for confectionary to the individuals who give administrations to these areas. The gelato area is the most old and the best-known one of the reasonable, and in the structures of the reasonable there is the most noteworthy fixation in the realm of undertakings spent significant time in this field. The area on cake and confectionary is not less prestigious: for a long time it has prevailing with regards to drawing in numerous Italian and worldwide organizations. Try not to miss Choco Sigep, the area for the makers of chocolate and of apparatuses used to deliver this heavenly item. Sigep likewise incorporates a segment for hot beverages, most importantly espresso, and another area for bread and pizza.

Gelato, baked good, confectionary, pastry kitchen and espresso are praised through the display of numerous items, as well as through numerous occasions. The reasonable hosts the Absolute Italian Gelato Championship, in which all Italian gelato makers’ affiliations participate, and in 2011 Sigep will likewise have the World Junior Pastry Competition, with 10 groups originating from 10 distinct nations, and the Italian Chocolate Championship. To the extent espresso is concerned, don’t miss the Professional Workshop on Coffee in Pastry-production and Catering, while for the part of pastry kitchen and pizza an unmissable occasion is the Siged Bread Cup, the International Bakery Contest, in which 10 groups originating from various nations will provoke each other.